Selection Process

Selection Process

Selection Process Overview:

The Mobility GT recruitment process is open, transparent, merit-based, and impartial, in a time frame that respects the applicants and their need to structure their careers.

The postdocs will arrive in two cohorts to enable fair selection and providing more opportunity to many candidates over larger time span and dissemination reach, including re-submissions of unsuccessful applications using a four-stage (Eligibility, Evaluation, Selection and Redress) recruitment process.

To avoid a potential conflict of interest, neither the four universities nor the associated partner organisations will have any influence on the selection of candidates, which will be the sole prerogative of the International Selection Committee (ISC - a panel of distinguished tribology laureates that will conduct a completely independent selection process). Selection procedures will exclude any discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or identity, religion, or belief, as well as disabilities.

Evaluation Criteria:

Expert reviewers, selected by the ISC, will evaluate the submitted application based on the following criteria:

  • Motivation and career aspirations,
  • Qualifications of the applicant,
  • Quality of research proposals.

A score of 0-5 is given for each of the three main evaluation criteria. During the consensus meeting, the remote expert reviewers will seek an agreement on a score for each proposal.

The next stage in evaluation is the interview performed by the ISC. The evaluation will be based on:

  • Quality of the presentation of research project,
  • Ability of the applicant to communicate science,
  • Ability of the applicant to answer questions and hold a discussion.

Each ISC member gives scores 0-5 for each criteria. Afterwards, the ISC members will seek a consensus score for each proposal.

The final step is to calculate the weighted score consisting of the proposal review score and the candidate interview score.

All the data acquired from candidates through emails, portal, application, and other ways will be treated by GDPR.