Surfaces and interfaces for sustainable green mobility

Call 1 Open

We are pleased to inform you that Call 1 for the 1st cohort of 12 postdoctoral fellows is now officially open.

New content:

  • Updated research tab: extended research lines, applicant can propose new partner organisations
  • Updated application process tab: detailed description of the two-stage application process
  • New OSS tab: Online Submission System (OSS) of Mobility GT will guide the applicant through the application process
  • Deadline for the Non-formal expression of interest extended to 15. 2. 2023

Application process of Call 1 starts on 1. March 2023. We have prepared its detailed description so that post-doc candidates can prepare the required documents and project proposal on time. We have also expanded the proposed Mobility GT research lines. The candidates are welcome to propose their own project with their own idea (not necessarily limited to the proposed research lines) as long as they are aligned with the host university.

Before the formal submission opens, candidates for the post-doctoral vacancies are kindly invited to express their Non-formal interest (extended till 15. 2. 2023).

We are also diligently constructing the Online Submission System (OSS) of Mobility GT which will be embedded in the Mobility GT homepage and will serve as a digital application submission site for the candidates.

Updated: 11. Jan. 2023.

Important dates for cohort 1


Submission opens

1. 3. 2023

Submission closes

31. 5. 2023

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1. 1. 2024