There will be 24 postdoctoral positions for 3 years, realised in 2 cohort calls.

Call for proposals:

Two regular calls for proposal will be published:

  • Call 1 (effective from 1. 1. 2023 to 30. 9. 2023)
  • Call 2 (effective from 1. 1. 2024 to 30. 9. 2024)

Calls will be disseminated through various channels at the regional, national, and international level.

Positions per institution:

Appointment conditions of researchers:

The living allowance (basic salary), mobility allowance and fam­ily allowance will comprise a postdoc’s monthly salary.

  • Living allowance. The monthly living allowance is €5,180 per month (equivalent to €62,160 per year before income tax and other contributions).
  • Mobility allowance. The mobility allowance of €600 per month is added to the living allowance of the postdocs to cover the costs of their transnational mobility (relocation costs, costs of visiting family, etc.). This will raise the ef­fective salary to €69,360 per year for the researcher.
  • Family allowance. If the recruited researcher has or ac­quires family obligations during the programme a family allowance of €660 per month will be paid. This is to cover the higher cost of living for families and will encourage researchers with children to apply to Mobility GT, as the total income increases to €77,280 per year in this case.
  • Research costs. Each postdoc project will have available an additional budget for research and travel costs.
  • Special needs allowance. Can also be claimed if needed.